Our Story Begins

The Y Sewing Network grew from an educational project which began in the sewing workshop of the YWCA KL’s Vocational Training Opportunity Centre, a vocational school for young women serving the B40 community.

The project aimed to create a social enterprise within the school whereby the students could earn income while studying for their needs, while learning about entrepreneurship so they may one day start their own business.

Birth of the Y Bagmaker

Through the first creative project, Origami Bags, the students learned about the process of prototyping, production and photo-shooting. The bags were sold and the proceeds went to the students.

Back to Basics

The Y Bagmaker went to the next level with the exploration and creation of versatile pouches.

Creating Community

Over time, what began as an initiative which started to complement the education of the VTOC expanded to much more – eventually the scale of the Y Bagmaker increased to enable women from the wider B40 community to participate and earn money to supplement their incomes.

Going To The Market

We are grateful to have been invited to various markets and bazaars to share our products with the public.

Our Story Continues

…And it doesn’t stop there.

We are grateful for all those – past, present and future who have journeyed with us in our vision of a better tomorrow.